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The present work is based on the phytocoenological and floristic studies. The classification of ruderal vegetation was carried out according to the Braun-Blanquet method. The syntaxonomic characterization is given in accordance with the “Code of phytosociological nomenclature”. In the flora of settlements and surroundings, the role of the families Asteraceae, Poaceae, Brassicaceae has been increased in the taxonomic spectrum. Moreover, this process is characteristic not only for the settlements of the Fergana Valley, but also for the cities of the temperate zone. In the phytocenotic spectrum as a whole, a role of open habitat species has been increased with simultaneous decreasing of the role of forest, marsh, and aquatic species. In the biomorphological spectrum of ruderal flora, the number of terophytes is abundant compared with insignificant percentage of chamephytes and cryptophytes. In the geographical spectrum, the percentage of ancient Mediterranean species is high. In the hydrotypical structure, a decrease of the hydro- and hygrophilic component and an increase of xerophytic species are noted. The results of this work reflect the possibilities of wider application of the Braun-Blanquet method to the classification of ruderal vegetation.

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