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This article observed the conchological variability of two different types of Helix lucorum biotopes, considered adventitious for Fergana Valley, and makes a comparative analysis with types of their origin. The research material was the shells of H.lucorum type which collected from the southern slopes of Teshiktash hills and plains to the west of the Maylisoy River. For the first time, a locality of this types of shells were discovered in the area of the Maylisoy River. Changes of shells of H.lucorum, distributed over two biotopes, were caused by environmental factors. It was found the types of mollusks of H.lucorum population in Teshiktash hills is smaller than the types of their origin, and larger than those which found on the plains in the west of the Maylisoy River. The results of research show that the conditions of the Maylisoy River and the Southern slopes of the Teshiktash hills has features such as: size of the shells of H.lucorum, the height of the dome, the small diameter of the shells and their colors are the main adaptive features of the environment. The size of the H.lucorum shell for the Southern slopes in Teshiktash hills, the small diameter of the shells, and the dome height for the medium of the Maylisoy River were considered the first adaptive features.

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