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The article describes the origin, role and importance of SMART-technology in society. It describes the origin of the word SMART, the meaning of the word and the role of new technologies in the development of society and the importance of learning in the learning process. The content and meaning of the letters that make up the word SMART are expressed in tables, figures and text using scientific sources. The criteria for the appointment of smart technologies and recommendations for their determination are given in the tables. Intelligent technologies are technologies based on information and knowledge that are applied to various processes through interaction and exchange of experience. Smart technologies play an important role in modern social development, especially in the educational process, as a function that allows an object or process to quickly adapt to changes in the environment. Explains the concept, content, purpose and objectives of “smart education” and the basic principles of “smart education”.

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A.A.Abduqodirov. SMART texnologiyasi va undan ta’limda foydalanish imkoniyatlari. «O’quv jarayonida axborot - kommunikatsiya texnologiyalaridan foydalanishning dolzarb muammolari» mavzusidagi respublika ilmiy-amaliy konferentsiyasi materiallari to’plami. Guliston, GulDU.2019. Р.4-9.

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