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This article presents the results of a pilot study of greenhouses with a semi-cylindrical, two-layer, transparent barrier for farmers, farmers and entrepreneurs. According to the analysis, the difference between the proposed greenhouse and the greenhouse is different from other greenhouses. When the air temperature inside the solar chamber reaches 25-300 °C, the electric fan is turned on, and the heated air is removed from the pipe and transferred to a short-lived battery underground. Solar panels are used as a current source for this fan. This technology shows the amount of energy stored in the greenhouse to meet the needs of the population of our country in winter and spring vegetables and preserve the environment

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Opit ispolzovaniya solnechnoy energii v selskom xozyaystve. www.mensh.ru

“2017-2021 yillarda qayta tiklanuvchi energiyani yanada rivojlantirish iqtisodiyot tarmoqlari va ijtimoiy soxada energiya samaradorligini oshirish chora tadbirlari to‘g‘risida”gi 2017 yil 26 martdagi PK-3012-sonli qaror.

“Energiya resurslaridan oqilona foydalanishni ta’minlash chora-tadbirlari to‘g‘risida”gi 2017 yil 8 noyabrdagi PK-3379-sonli qaror.



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