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The article describes the method of calculating integrated optical and thermal - technical parameters of semi-cylinders with a single and double-layer transparent film for farm households with the optical and thermal - technical parameters. One of the ways to use greenhouses effectively is to select the right direction of the greenhouse bullets. It is considered to determine the forecast parameters of thermal and technical parameters in single-layer and two-layer transparent barrier structures, particularly in solar greenhouses, and to compare their thermal regimes. Comparison of the applied two-storey and single-storey greenhouses under the same ambient conditions is the determination of thermal-technical characteristics that have a great practical value for energy efficiency. Integral and thermal - technical forecast parameters of comparative greenhouses indicate that the width direction over the heating season is higher than the meridional. On the basis of the analysis of seasonal heat - technical indicators, it should be noted that the width of the greenhouse with two-layer transparent film barrier is more effective than the feasibility study. The main factor in the formation of the thermal regimes of solar greenhouses and fixtures is the falling solar radiation path and the ambient temperature, depending on the projections. Indeed, the value of falling solar radiation varies depending on the time of year and the day, the latitude of the location and the nature of the weather, which is the source of energy directly affecting the thermal, technical and light effects in solar greenhouses and greenhouses. Key words: semi cylinder, film, solar greenhous, one-layer,

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Abdullaev A., Niyazov Sh.K. Prognozirovanie optimalnix srokov primeneniya traditsionnoy sistemi otopleniya v teplitsax s kombinirovannoy solnechno-toplivnoy sistemoy teplosnabjeniya //Geliotexnika, 2003. № 4.- S.66-71.

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