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For the first time, a thermoelectric effect was observed in a graded-gap continuous Si1-xGex solid solution (0≤x≤1). The graded-gap Si1-xGex solid solution (0≤x≤1) was grown from a limited volume of the Sn-Si-Ge melt solution by liquid-phase epitaxy on n-type silicon substrates with an orientation of <111> in the temperature range 1000 ÷ 7500С. Samples with dimensions were made from the obtained materials: length - 8mm; width - 5 mm. Solid solution films grown on substrates with an orientation of <111> had a single-crystal character. Ohmic contacts were made to the obtained structures by sputtering silver. On each film of the solid solution, 2 contacts with an area of 2 × 1 mm2 were deposited. The obtained samples were subjected to uniform heating in vacuum. In the temperature range 40–250 ° C, with uniform heating in the heterostructures, a voltage of 0.3 mV and a current of 3.5 nA appeared, and after an oblique section of the film of the heterostructure was carried out, a voltage of 1.6 mV and a current of 16 nA were generated.

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