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In this article information on gender - women and men relations, the history of the study of the problem, as well as sociological, pedagogical, psychological, ethnographic recommendations and their role in the society are described. Since ancient times, great attention has been paid to the non- violation of human rights in the world community, the conduct of political, socio - economic activity of men and women in the spirit of equality in ideological processes in society. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this issue is one of the main factors in the restoration of civil society based on the market economy, favoring the ideas of democracy in our country. The stereotypes of the role of ven in any sphere of society and the like are losing their essence. In our free and prosperous land, should act as a guarantee of equality, spiritual perfection, innovate ideas on economic and political rise. With the development of every sphere of our country, the market economy, the restoration of civil society with free and healthy - minded people is one of the urgent tasks of today. The people’s interest in reforms, measures to eliminate the problems of minorities, the processes of increasing legal literacy, the maintenance of political stability is pne pf the Commo Dreams of every boy and girl and their efforts in this direction. That being said, the role and role of women and men in the period of socio- economic political upheavals is somewhat equated. And this is inextricably linked with the introduction and application of the concept of “gender” in our modern sociological idea. Gender is prominent in all social processes affecting women and men.

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O’zbekiston Respublikasi Prezidentining “Xotin-qizlarni qo’llab quvvatlash va oila institutini mustahkamlash sohasidagi faoliyatni takomillashtirish chora-tadbirlari to’g’risida”gi 2018 yil 2 fevraldagi PF-5325-sonli Farmoni.

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