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This article analyzes aspects of Uzbek classical literature and Uzbek music based on the views of the great thinkers and musicians Navoi and Babur, as well as the memories of their contemporaries. The article tells about Alisher Navoi, the founder of the Uzbek language and poet, and Zakhiriddin Muhammad Babur, king, poet and commander, and their scientific and artistic views in the field of public policy and construction, literary criticism and criticism for the good of the country and homeland. Moreover, huge literary heritage were left by ancestors and this fact is described in the article. It is also mentioned that in Mavraunnakhr and Khorasan science flourished and developed in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, so, it can be traced in the article how the interest in music, art, calligraphy came to us from the works and the memories of contemporaries of Alisher Navoi and Zakhiriddin Muhammad Babur. These are in particular, the works of Haydar Mirza Dug’lat “Tarixi Rashidiy” (“The History of Rashidiy”), Giyosiddin Hondamir “Makorim ul-axloq”, Zayniddin Vosifiy “Badoe ul-vaqoe” containing detailed information about the origin, geneology, children,both own and adopted, and marital status of the great thinkers Alisher Navoi and Zakhiriddin Muhammad Babur.

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