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The article analyzes the konchological variability and establishes that the variability of the konchological characteristics of land mollusksvery closely depends on the environmental factors of the territory on which they live. The study of the variability of land mollusks remains one of the less investigated issues of malacofauna not only in Uzbekistan, but in allrepublics of Central Asia. The variability of land mollusks in Central Asia is cited in a number of works [1,2,3,4], however, we could not find any information on the variability of Leucozonella hypophaea (Lindholm, 1927), and therefore, the nature of the variability of this species has been studied. Further, the article analyzes the variability of konchological characteristics in two biotopes – the Chatkal and Alai mountain chains, and shows that variability is visualized in the color and shape of the shell. It has been established that, depending on the height of the terrain and the nature of biotopes, the ratio of the shell size varies, which is the most stable of the studied characteristics – the height of the shell and mouth have a coefficient of variation (CV) of less than 3%, and the largest variability of a larger diameter is more than 5%.

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