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This article is devoted to terrestrial mollusks of the Peshagar gorge of the Malguzar mountains, where data on the faunistic composition, ecology and zoogeography of terrestrial mollusks are presented. The author identified 14 species of terrestrial mollusks belonging to 11 genera and 9 families in the Peshagar gorge. In an environmental analysis, all terrestrial mollusks were classified as hygrophylls. In addition, according to adaptation to dry conditions, they were divided into 3 ecological groups, that is, hygrobionts, xerobionts and xerogygrobionts and analyzed. According to the analysis, it became clear that in this territory hygrobiont species are not found at all and the main part of the malacofauna is formed by xerobionts (71%). The main reason for the widespread occurrence of arid-tolerant, that is, xerobiont species, in the article is explained by the fact that the Peshagar Gorge is located in the zone of low mountains and does not have a stream and their tributaries. Zoogeographic analysis was carried out at 5 faunistic centers. According to the analysis, it was determined that the fauna of terrestrial mollusks of the Peshagar gorge is mainly formed by Central Asian (6 species, 43%), that is, endemic species. The following places are occupied by European (3 species, 22%), Palearctic and Holarctic, as well as Trans-Asian species (two species, 14%). In this territory, the smallest number was occupied by the Mountain Asian species, which are represented by only one species (7%), that is, Chondrulopsina intumescens.

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