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This article discusses the results of karyological studies of two species of the genus Meristotropis Fisch. et Mey.: Razdelnaya Bukhara and Razdelnaya trouchelle, are endemic to Central Asia. The collection of materials was carried out in 2014-2017 in floodplains of Syrdarya and Kashkadarya rivers, Jizzakh steppe, South-Eastern Kyzylkum, Zaamin and Nurata plains. Karyological studies were carried out on the meristematic tissue of the tip of the root of the seeds. Pressed preparations were prepared by the method of S. G. Kaptar (1967). An average of 15-20 metaphase plates were analyzed in each species. The variation of the index of spiralization of the selected plates did not exceed 5-7 %.

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