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Identification of Key Biodiversity Areas (including Important Plant Areas) is one of the most actual international programs performing within the framework of the Convention on Biodiversity Conservation. The Zeravschan Range is a part of the Mountains of Central Asia Global Biodiversity Hotspot; this region of Uzbekistan has been recommended for creation of protected area. The flora of Uzbek part of the Zeravschan Range is distinguished by significant diversity including numerous endangered, rare, endemic and sub-endemic species which conservation has national and global importance. The vegetation cover of study area is represented with plant communities typical for the mountainous Central Asia. The method of GIS-based grid mapping has been used for the analysis of spatial structure of the flora of this territory for the first time. As a result of research on the grid mapping of the flora of the western part of Zeravschan Range, 47 threatened species of 11 families which meets the international criteria of Important Plant Areas (IPA) have been identified. 164 locations of these species were found, and grid maps of its distribution were created. 13 species included in the Red Data Book of Uzbekistan have been assessed according to the IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria.

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