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The main purpose of this research is to analyze the degree of variability and correlation of quantitative characteristics of sorghum varieties in saline soil conditions of Syrdarya region. For this purpose, “Karabosh” sugar and “Daulet” varieties of corn were selected as experimental sites. These varieties include: 1 plant mass, plant height, number of leaves in the plant, dry mass, leaf weight, arc width, grain weight in the rack, grain size in the zipper and weight of 1000 grains using modern statistical software SPSS-17 analyzed. Using this program, we calculated the following statistical indices of the quantities of corn varieties: the arithmetic mean and its error, variance, correlation, and determination coefficients. The results showed that in conditions of saline soil the yield of corn "Karabash" (in grain) was 20.97 g per plant, and in Daulet - 42.30 g. From these data, it was found that the Daulet variety is superior to the Karabash variety in grain yield. It is noted that the weight of 1000 varieties of “Karabash” variety is 13.98 g, the “Daulet” variety is 30.4 g, and the grain of this variety is larger than the “Karabash” variety. The results of the statistical analysis showed that the "quantum weight" of the studied quantitative traits was a strongly deterministic one. It has been noted that the variation of this mark occurs in conjunction with other signs. On this indicator it is expedient to carry out selective works on selection and seedling plantations. In the conditions of saline soils in Syrdarya region, “Daulet” and “Karabosh” corn varieties are recommended for high-quality grain production.

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