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This study is devoted to the study of the principle and basic characteristics (efficiency, separation) of x-ray and gamma detectors. The advantage of scintillation Ge (Li) and Si (Li) detectors over other detectors is its high particle detection efficiency and small bandwidth, as well as its practicality. Ge (Li) detectors are designed to measure the spectrum of gamma rays. The maximum possible value of the detector power distribution has been reached. Observations show that the shape of the spectral line and the uniformity of the electric field play an important role in the accumulation of charges per unit time. Si (Li) detectors. Designed to measure the spectra of beta particles and gamma values. Surface Si (Li) obstacle detectors. mainly for measuring alpha, low energy beta and x-ray spectrum. Despite the high separation ability of Si (Li) energy detectors, their scope in precision beta and X-ray spectroscopy is limited. The detection of metal semiconductor metal structures is widely used in science and technology. In nuclear medicine, a radioactive element is usually injected into the patient’s circulatory system and can be detected by localization in the affected organ, which is widely used to monitor kidney function, bone density and the treatment of atherosclerosis.

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