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In the study it was found that supramolecular complexes of glycyrrhizic acid (GA): phytohormones (PH): indole–3–acetic acid (IAA); indole–3–butane acid (IBA) and naphthalene–1–acetic acid (NAA) and kinetin) significantly increase the intensity and number of the absorbing dynamics of wheat variety "Dustlik" in the laboratory, optimize the production and energy of the grain in experimental salinity (NaCl=200 мМ). Particularly, it was recorded that during medium weight of wheat grain increased up to 47,5±3,5% in relation with the controled one after water absorption phase, hence it was also recorded that intensiveness of water absorption was in high level during the initial 16-72 hours (1 – 3 days). There were determined that in the laboratory conditions under the influence of GA:PH (FH:IAA, NAA, IBA and kinetin) supra molecular complexes (100 mkM) in the process of sprout wheat sort “Dustlik” intensiveness of water absorption dynamic and quantity increases in relation with the controled one, especially the quantity of absorbed water in 10 days accordingly contains as following – 28,4±2,5; 25,5±3,7; 20,8±2,4 and 26,7±3,8 mg. The results show that GA:PH demonstrates high prospects for the use of supramolecular complexes in agricultural practice to optimize the processes of cultivation and development of plants, including stress factors, including in the conditions of salinization.

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