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The article is devoted to the study of cultivation of soybean variety “Favorite” during re-sowing on saline soils of Mirzachul. Sowing of soybean seeds was realized on in July 12, with regular drill at a depth of 5 cm. Row spacing is 90 cm After sowing light irrigation was made. Observations of the growth and development of plants were made on the basis of “Methods of conducting field experiments”, prepared by the staff of UzSRi (2007) and “Technology of growing field crops in the Syrdarya region” by scientists of Gulistan State University (2014). Soil salinity was determined by the method developed by scientists of the National University of Uzbekistan (2012).

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Yulchiev D., Rustamov N., Nuralieva G. Soya hosildorligiga fosforli ug’itlar ta’siri //Agrosanoat majmui tarmoqlarida innovatsion boshqaruv faoliyatini modernizatsiyalash va rivojlantirish muammolari.- Respublika ilmiy-amaliy konferentsiya materiallari.-Toshkent, 2014.- B. 37-39.


Yormatova D. E. Soya.-T.: Mehnat, 1991.- 96 b.



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