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This article is devoted to the definition of the law of distribution of flow velocity, density and pressure between layers of raw cotton in the process of pressure by using the Euler equation to create the character of the flow of raw cotton in the process of cleaning by modeling the cleaning on a mobile cotton plant.

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Xodjaev M., Gaibnazarov E. Modeling the process of separation of small contaminants into the stream of raw cjttjn moving in thearea of treatment// International journal og Advanced Research of Sciens, Engineering and Technology. 2018. Vjl. 5. Issue 12.

Sevostyanov A.G. Mektodo’ i sredstva issledovanie mexaniko-texnologicheskix protsessov tekstilnoy promo’shlennosti.- Moskva, Legkaya promo’shlennost,1980. (in Russian)



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