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Ponds, watercourses, wetlands called wetlands, are represented by a huge variety of habitat types; contain a significant part of the biodiversity of a given territory and many rare, relict and species requiring protection. The hydrophilic flora of water bodies in the Samarkand region is diverse and a unique flora was formed in each type of water body. This is due to the physical-geographical and soil-climatic nature of this reservoir. Monocotyledonous plants dominate in the composition of the hydrophilic flora of the region by the number of species. In various reservoirs of the Samarkand region, 72 species of aquatic and coastal plants grow, which belong to 51 genera, 34 families and 5 classes. Of the total plant flora, about 43% of the species composition belongs to the families Potamogetonaceae, Poaceae, Cyperaceae and Polygonaceae; about 12.5% (9 species) are annuals, and 77.8% (56 species) are perennials. In addition, in the water bodies of the region there are 7 species of water mosses. Hygrophytes dominate in the flora. As a source of animal feed, 33 species of plants are used. Of the identified 72 species, 6 species require special protection. These are Alisma plantago - aquatica L., A. lanceolatum L., Sagittaria trifolia L., Acorus calamus L., Butomus umbellatus L., Orchis umbrosa Kar. et Kir.

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