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In the territory of Uzbekistan 39 species of insects from 36 genera, 25 families and 10 orders were identified as inhabitants of dead trees and woodwork. The most harmful of them causing damages to wooden structures and inhabiting both natural and anthropogenic ecosystems are termites – Anacanthotermes turkestanicus and An. Ahngerianus. Xylophagous insects invade unbarked and unprotected wood, such as that in the wooden structures of private houses, objects of cultural and historical heritage, and administrative and social buildings. In Uzbekistan, there are two types of Anacanthotermes: Anacanthotermes turkestanicus Jacobs. and Anacanthotermes ahngerianus Jacobs. Most termites are found in the tropics, although they are found in areas with a temperate climate. Their main food is cellulose contained in wood, grass, and tree leaves, so termites can cause economic damage, damaging wooden structures and woody species.

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