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The article gives an information about helminthological researches. Helminthological researches of rodents in Uzbekistan were carried out by Davlatov (1970), Koshanov (1972) and Bikova (2002). The information, given in these works, in the first position, belongs to the fauna of helminthes of rodents in the North-west region, in the second position; information represents the systematic aspects of the study of parasites of house mice and gray rats in urban areas. On peculiar ecosystems of the North-east region, similar researches of rodents have not been conducted. In this connection, the research of mouse-like helminthes and their role in the epizootology of helminthiases is an urgent task of zoology and parasitology. The material for this work was the collection of parasitic worms from house mice and the gray rat of North-eastern Uzbekistan, covering three large administrative regions (Jizzakh, Syrdarya and Tashkent).

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Быкова Э.А., Сиддиков Б.Х., Азимов Д.А. Особенности гельминтофауны синантропных грызунов урбанизированных ландшафтов // Узбекский биологический журнал. - Ташкент, 2002. - № 1. - С. 74-81.

Давлатов Н. Гельминтофауна грызунов, зайцеобразных и насекомоядных в условиях Узбекистана: автореф.дисс. …канд.биол.наук. – Ташкент, 1970. – 21 с.

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