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One of the methods of applying contact, universally effective immunostimulants and other biologically active substances is the pre-sowing of seeds and suspension during plant growing. In this article, we propose that Zerox immunostimulants in the number of 3 seedlings (80-90; 100-110; 120-130 thousand seed / ha) in Bukhara-10 cotton varieties meet 5 standards (1-1,5-2-2,5-3l / t). and resistance to germination, root system development, germination and disease, using different periods, pre-sowing and plant growing (2–4 true leaves, shading and flowering). In condition of laboratory and field it was determined of contact and universial Zerox immunostimulator’s the best varieties is 2 l/t. doses it effect will increase germination of seeds, to promote the development and formation of the root system, precocity and the reduces diseases and best options for the effect of the Zerox immunostimulator on germination and germination in the laboratory are different standards for germination, root formation and development, germination, and disease control. The germination was observed 3 days ago. Fertility and root length were also 20.3% higher than the control, 9, and 6.3 mm higher.

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