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The following article discusses the indicators of growth and development, bio-ecological features of different ecoforms of Crocus sativus in the first year of vegetation. During the field experiments ecoforms of Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Holland were used. Bio-ecological features of plants were stadied by the method of I.V.Belolipov et al. [4], and biology of blooming - according to H.K.Karshibaev [5]. Obtained results show, that ecoforms of Uzbekistan, Holland and - in some stages of development - ecoform of Azerbaijan have higher growth temps and plant development.

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O’zbekiston Respublikasi Prezidenti Sh.M. Mirziyoevning “O’zbekiston Respublikasi O’rmon xo’jaligi davlat qo’mitasi faoliyatini tashkil etish to’g’risida”gi 2017 yil 11 maydagi PQ -2966 - son qarori

To’xtaev B.Yo., Mahmudov A.V., Xurramov Sh.Sh. “O’zbekistonda ekma za’faron (Shafran posevnoy – Crocus sativus L.): introduktsiyasi va plantatsiyalarini tashkil etish”.- Toshkent, 2018.- 119 b.

To’xtaev B.Yo., Mahmudov A.V. “Ekma za’faron (Shafran posevnoy – Crocus sativus L.): O’zbekistonda etishtirish”- “Sharq tabobati”, 2018 y.



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