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The epitaxial layers of the (Si2) x (GaP) 1-x solid solution were grown from the liquid phase. It was shown that semiconductor compounds A3B5, when dissolved in metallic solvents, at temperatures below their melting points, are found mainly in the form of molecules and do not break up into separate atoms. The emission of red light was observed when a forward bias of 8-12 V was applied to the nGaP-n+(Si2) x (GaP) 1-x structure, which indicates the energy level formed by silicon molecules in the forbidden zone of gallium phosphide. From the photoluminescence spectrum of the (Si2)x(GaP)1-x solid solution, the value of this level is determined, corresponding to Si2 - Ei = EC - 1,47eV. Analyzing the IVC of pSi – n (Si2)1-X(GaP)X structure, the bandwidth of the energy level of silicon molecules in the forbidden band of gallium phosphide was determined to be 0.14 eV.

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Саидов М.С., Кошчанов Э.А., Саидов А.С. Учет электронной структуры ионов и атомов при оценке обобщенного момента элементов. - Изв. АН УзССР, сер.физ-мат.наук,1981. №3. –С. 47

Саидов А.С.Жидкофазная эпитаксия метастабильных варизонных твердых растворов (Si2)1-x(GaP)x. ДАН УзССР,1,14,1990. – С. 78-81.



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