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The following article is devoted to the memory of our master Yanglish Egamova who could use her capability skillfully and creatively when translating works of Goethe. It is necessary to mention that our master Ya. Egamova translated not only fiction but also historical works as well. For instance, we can give her translation “Prince of Andijan”.

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Йоҳанн Петер Эккерман. Гёте билан гурунглар. Олмон тилидан Янглиш Эгамова таржимаси. Тошкент: “O’ZBEKISTON”, 2016.- 20-25 б.

Гёте. “Ёш Вертернинг изтироблари” Олмон тилидан Янглиш Эгамова таржимаси. - Тошкент: “Ғафур Ғулом номидаги Адабиёт ва санъат”, 1975. - 34-43 б.

И.А.Каримов. Адабиётга эътибор – келажакка эътибор. – Тошкент:“O’ZBEKISTON”,2009 - 40-41б.



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