Gorniy vestnik Uzbekistana


Uranium deposits of the Kyzylkum region, related to deposits of reservoir-infiltration or “sandstone” type and developed by the PV method, are formed mainly due to the occurrence of exogenous-epigenic processes in permeable rocks of the sedimentary cover. Research in practice shows that between the exploration characteristics often changes in the geometry of the ore body in the absence of confirmation of linear reserves. Therefore, use the present methodology to clarify the random errors of the parameters between exploration and industrial, to extract products from the bowels as much as possible and without loss. After clarification and justification of all necessary parameters, the actual circuit for future mining and the actual amount of prepared reserves in the circuit are established. The method of operational determination of the known location of the ore body is the main and correct source in the enterprise for the calculation and extraction of metal from the bowels. This methodology reduces the economic damage from the uncertainty of information, does not allow over the normative loss of prepared reserve.

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