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The article presents the results of microwave processing of gold-containing sulfidic carbonaceous flotation concentrate, with the aim to oxidize sulfide minerals and organic carbon, in which gold is associated. The flotation concentrate was processed in a microwave oven with an output power of 700 W, so that after every 2 minutes of treatment the magnetron was turned off, the sample was mixed, then turned on. The degree of removal of sulfide sulfur was 96%. Organic carbon is removed by 76.7%. The IR spectra of the initial flotation concentrate and microwave treatment product are given, as well as the results of thermogravimetric analysis. The optimal conditions for microwave processing were determined: the power of 700 W, 2 minute processing time and 1 minute mixing time. The main advantage of the microwave processing method is the short time and the high degree of sulfide sulfur removal.

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