Gorniy vestnik Uzbekistana


The article deals with the analysis of waterlogging and development dynamics oil and gas condensate field Beshtyentyak. As a result, have been determined the distribution of wells by the accumulated oil and liquid withdrawals, the periods of water manifestations of the wells in this field, and the changes in the oil-and-gas concentration and water supply. The further work of gas and gas condensate wells is estimated at the Beshtyentyak oil and gas condensate field.

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1. Mirboboev Sh. Zh. “Ways to increase production of products at the Beshtyentyak field in the Republic of Tajikistan” Program of the Tyumen International Innovation Forum “NEFTGAZTEK” Tyumen, September 17-18, 2013, pp. 154-157. 2. Mirboboev S. Zh. Razykov, Z. A. Mutavaliev. PCS. “A Comparative Analysis of the Properties of Viscous Paraffin Oils in Russia and Tajikistan” at the E TSTI of the Tajik National University (Scientific Journal) Series of Natural Sciences, 2015, рр. 93-97.



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