Gorniy vestnik Uzbekistana


In clause are given the short review on material structure persistent sulfide gold containing ores of deposits Kokpatas and Daugiztau. Also in clause the results of laboratory researches executed in SE "IMR" on study of mineral structure and enrichment of tests of ores of deposits Kokpatas and Daugiztau, and also pyro- and hydrometallurgical processing of the received concentrates are resulted. At flotation enrichment of ores an opportunity of application local reagents is considered. At cyaniding, the rest of alkaline processing the burned material of a mixed concentrates of the deposits, received from ores, Kokpatas and Daugiztau the extraction of gold on pitch is 76,5-78,1% and the rest of acid processing the burned material of a mixed concentrates - 78,4%. At more thin crushing of a mix concentrates the extraction of gold on the activated coal raises up to 87,56%. Thus, at processing a mix of the investigated ores under the above-stated circuit the through extraction of the first metal will be equal to 74-75 %.

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1. Kim M.A. Fine gold in gold pyrite and arsenopyrite deposits Daugyztau and Kokpatas (Western Uzbekistan). Tashkent, Geology and Mineral Resources, No. 6, 2005, pp.26-29. 2. Akhmedov Kh., Popov E.L. Study of the material composition and development of technology for processing refractory gold-containing concentrates from deposits of Central Asia. Geology and mineral resources, No. 5, 2017, pp.103-106.



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