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In this article, the mechanisms of spontaneous combustion of coal and coal-bearing rocks, as well as physical and mathematical modeling of the development of processes and the source of spontaneous combustion in the local zone of the coal-rock massif, are studied. predict the occurrence and prevention of these very dangerous phenomena.

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1. Amelchugov S.P., Bykov V.I., Tsybenova S.B. Brown coal dust spontaneous combustion. Experiment, kinetic determination parameters and numerical modeling // Combustion and Explosion Physics. T 38. N 3. 2002.S. 48-54. 2. Vorobyov A.E., Dzhimieva RB Conditions for targeted thermal processing of coal-bearing rocks in heaps // B collection: Fundamental and applied problems in mining / Materials of the All-Russian Scientific and Practical conferences. 2016.S. 86-92.



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