Gorniy vestnik Uzbekistana


For successful forecasting and prevention of shock hazard situations, scientific and methodological recommendations on deformation monitoring based on laser scanning systems on the network of observation stations of the Gluboky mine of JSC PIMCU have been developed. The description of the method itself, the results of laser scanning, methods for determining the displacement parameters from laser scanning data are given.




1. Seredovich V. A. Ground-based laser scanning. Monograph. Sib. state geodesy. Acad. - Novosibirsk SSGA, 2009 2. Kozyrev A. A., Timofeev V. V., Konstantinov K. N. Monitoring the status of underground mining according to laser scan. Workshop 2009 3. Analysis of the accuracy of laser scanning systems / W. Boehler et al. // Dokl. on the XIX sym. CIPA, Antalya, Turkey Sep 30 - Oct 4 2003 year



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