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Some issues of improving the technology of obtaining thin-film (d»1.0 μm) elements with anomalous photovoltaic properties from cadmium chalcogenides by thermal evaporation in vacuum in separate portions on transparent dielectric substrates are considered. The experimental results of studying the current-voltage, lux-ampere, lux-voltage and deformation characteristics of CdTe, CdSe, CdS polycrystalline films are analyzed. It is shown that the obtained samples have linear I - V, L - A, temperature (T≈120-320 K) and deformation characteristics (ε≈-3‧10-5-3‧10-3 arb. units). Therefore, they can serve as promising photocells for the producing of film photodetectors sensitive to mechanical deformation in the visible and near-IR regions of the radiation spectrum

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