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The article discusses the use of thermal and thermo cyclic processing in order to increase the abrasive wear resistance by the example of samples from the St5Ghs steel, 35, 45, 65G and U8 compared to the reference sample. Preliminary processing was carried out, which consisted in normalization from heating temperatures from Ac3 (or Ac1) + 30 ÷ 50 °C to 1200 °C and pulsed cyclic hardening. The final heat treatment provides an increase of 20 ÷ 50% of the wear resistance of steels during sliding friction against loose abrasive particles. During pulsed cyclic hardening, the highest dislocation density of 65G steel is formed with a preliminary pulsed cyclic heating of 450 °C - 3 cycles, which increases the wear resistance by up to 30% compared to conventional induction hardening.

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