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The article develops the technique of unification of optimal parameters of power supply systems and analyzes real areas of economic stability of the objective function that allows to determine the limits of equal optimality of optimized parameters and to form practical recommendations on the application of parameters.

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[1]. A.D. Taslimov Matematicheskie modeli zadachax optimizatsii parametrov i struktur sistem elektrosnabjeniya gorodov. Problemi energo- i resursosbrejeniya, 2017g., №3-4.

[2]. Taslimov A.D., Karimov R.CH. Analiz voprosa unifikatsii parametrov RES. Mejdunarodnaya nauchno-texnicheskaya konferentsiya. Rossiya, g. Blagoveshensk. 2011. 281-283 str.



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