Scientific journal of the Fergana State University


The article presents broad information about the museum “Memory of Victims of Repression” which was included in the structure of Fergana state University. The history of the main building where the museum is situated is exposed.

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1. O‘zbekiston Prezidenti Shavkat Mirziyoyevning Samarqand shahrida O‘zbekiston Respublikasining Birinchi Prezidenti Islom Karimov maqbara majmuasining ochilishiga bag‘ishlangan marosimdagi so‘zi. // “Xalq so‘zi” gazetasi. -2018 yil 31 yanvar, № 20 (6978). 2. Farg‘ona davlat universiteti. Tarix va yuksalish yillari. 1-jild. –“Farg‘ona” nashriyoti, 2015. 3. Farg‘ona davlat universiteti. Ilm va ta’lim fidoyilari. (Bibliografik ma’lumotlar). 2 -jild. –“Farg‘ona” nashriyoti, 2015.

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