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The investigation of literary tasks and places in Sh.Kholmirzayev’s novels which conveyed folkloristic models about the history of folkloristics and spiritual development as well as the expression of specific skill demonstrates writer`s opinion about national value as one of the important problems in this article.

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1. Xolmirzaev SH. Saylanma. II jild. –T.: SHarq,2005. 2. Karimov I. Yuksak ma’naviyat-engilmas kuch. –T. :Ma’naviyat, 2011. 3.Xolmirzaev SH. O’n sakkizga kirmagan kim bor. -T.: Yangi asr avlodi 2015. 4. Doniyorova SH. Istiqlol davri o’zbek romanlarida: milliy ruh va qahramon. –T.: Mumtoz so’z 2011. 5. Doniyorova SH. Ijodkor va uslub. -T.:Turon zamin ziyo, 2014. 6. Xolmirzaev SH. Kimsasiz hovli. –T.:O’zbekiston, 2015. .

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