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The article analyzes the fate of women in the works of English writers of the Victorian period. During this period writers such as C. Dickens, Sisters Bronte, E. Gaskell, J. Eliot described the fate of women in their works in different ways.

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1. Leavis F.R..Great Tradition. London. 1950.-P. 69. 2. Chantel L. Framing the Victorian Heroine: Representations of the Ideal Woman in Art and Fiction. University of Louisiana at Lafayette. 2004.-P 11. 3. Nestor P. New opportunities for self-reflection and self-fashioning: Woman, letters and the Novel in mid Victorian England. Monash University Press, Melbourne. 2012, -P 125. 4. Bronte Sh. The Brontes: Their lives, Friendship and Correspondence. Ed. T.J.Wise and J.A.Symington. Oxford 1934. Vol 3., -P.156.

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