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The article gives informatien about the attitude of foreign scientists towards the representatives of XX century literature, especially to the literary heritage of Jadid literature, the translation of the writer’s works by the foreign scientists into English, German, French and a number of other foreign languages.

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1. N. Karimov. XX asr adabiyoti manzaralari. –T.: O’zbekiston, 2008. 2. Mirzaeva Z. I. Abdurauf Fitrat faoliyatining o’rganilishi: o’ziga xos yondashuv va qarashlar /O’zbekiston tarixining dolzarb masalalari yosh olimlar tadqiqotlarida: asosiy yo’nalishlar va yondashuvlar.Respublika yosh olimlarining an’anaviy ikkinchi ilmiy konferentsiyasi materiallari to’p¬lami. – T.: Fan, 2010. 3. Edward Allworth. Modern Uzbeks. From the fourteenth century to the present / A Cultural history.- California: Hoover Institution Press Stanford University, 1190 , Edward Allworth. “Uzbek literary politics”. London-Paris. 1964. 4. Bahodir Karim. Abdulla Qodiriy. -T.: Fan, 2006. 5. Ingeborg Baldauf. Some thoughts on making of the UzbekNation. Berlin 1991. Vol 32 n 1 79 -96. 6. Mustafa Cho’qay. Turkistan Milliy adabiyoti haqida Frantsuz ziyoliysi nima deydi Yap turkistan 1931. 7. Beningsen A. Chantal Lemercier-Quelquejay. La pressa et le moument national ches les Musilmans 1920. Moution 1964: Souper John Two banned Uzbek writers to be republished Ankara 1997 8. Zaki Validi. Bugungi Turkli Turkistan va yaqin Turkiston. –Istanbul,1981.

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