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In this article the cut off of food on TASSR Fergana region in 1923-1924, the attempt of the Soviet Union to reduce the famine in the region with the use of archive sources are analyzed.

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1. O’zbekiston Respublikasi Markaziy Davlat Arxivi (O’zR MDA), R-17-fond,1-ro’yxat, 358-ish,111-varaq orqasi. 2. Farg’ona viloyat davlat arxivi (FVDA),R-435-fond, 1-ro’yxat, 172-ish, 32-varaq. 3. FVDA,R-121-fond, 2-ro’yxat, 117-ish, 260-261-varaq. 4. FVDA,R-435-fond, 1-ro’yxat, 172-ish, 27-varaq. 5. FVDA,R-435-fond, 1-ro’yxat, 275-ish, 9-varaq orqasi. 6. FVDA,R-435-fond, 1-ro’yxat, 275-ish, 15-varaq. 7. FVDA,R-435-fond, 1-ro’yxat, 275-ish, 15-varaq. 8. FVDA,R-435-fond, 1-ro’yxat, 275-ish, 24-varaq. 9. FVDA,R-435-fond, 1-ro’yxat, 275-ish, 15-varaq orqasi. 10. O’zR MDA, R-17-fond,1-ro’yxat, 368-ish,104-104-varaq va orqasi, 105 varaq. 11. Rasulov A. Turkiston xalqi bag’rikengligi (XX asr 20-yillari boshlarida Rossiyadan evakuatsiya qilingan bolalar misolida). -T.:Yangi nashr, 2011. 12. Rasulov A. Turkiston va Volgabo’yi, Uraloldi xalqlari o’rtasidagi munosabatlar (1917-1924 yillar).-T.: Universitet, 2005. 13. FVDA,R-435-fond, 1-ro’yxat, 172-ish, 57-57-varaq orqasi. 14. Samarqand viloyat davlat arxivi(SVDA), 22- fond, 1-ro’yxat, 6-ish, 16-varaq. 15. FVDA,R-435-fond, 1-ro’yxat, 172-ish, 26-varaq. .

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