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In this article by analysis of the sources about spreading new sorts of different plants and scenic trees in Turkestan at the end of 19th century and at the beginning of 20th century is scientifically observed.

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1. Bushev M. Pokazatelьnoe normalьnoe xozyaystvo v Golodnoy stepi // Turkestanskiy sbornik. –T. 500. –S.210-211. 2. Istreblenie saksaula // Turkestanskiy sbornik. – T. 465.–S.111-112; 3. Lesnichiy A., Lukin. Amudarьinskie Kыzыl-kumы // Turkestanskiy sbornik. – Tom 445.–S. 85-88. 4. Ocherki Tashkenta (IV chastь)// Turkestanskiy sbornik. – T. I.–S.22. 5. O geobotanicheskix issledovaniyax v Vostochnom Tyanь-SHane i yego predgoriyax (sovershennыx letom 1886 goda)// Turkestanskiy sbornik. – T. 406.– S.150 – 158. 6. Rastitelьnoe tsarstvo i yego bogatstva // Turkestanskiy sbornik. – T.441.–S.114 – 118. 7. Sobirov N., Egamnazarov A. Farg’ona vodiysining ijtimoiy-iqtisodiy rivojlanishida nemis ishbilarmonlarining hissasi (XIX asr oxiri-XX asr boshlari). -T.: Falsafa va huquq; 2012. – B. 43 – 45.

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