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The paper studies the question of estimating the concentration function for the sums of minima of positive random variables.

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1. Grenander (V) (1965) A limit theorem for sums of minima of stochactic variables. Ann. Math Statist 36. (pp. 1041-1042) 2. Höglund Asymptoric normality of sums of minima of random variables. The Ann. of. Math. Statist. 1972, vol 43, № 1. -rr 351-353. 3. Petrov V.V. Summы nezavisimыx sluchaynыx velichin. -M., Nauka, 1972 . 4. Madraximov A.E. Otsenki funksii konsentratsii dlya lineynoy kombinatsii poryadkovix statistik. Izv. AN Uzb., Seriya fiz.-mat.nauk, 1981, № 5. -s.12-17.

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