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In this article translation problems of the pictures and epithet of the main characters of the novel “The past days” by Abdulla Kodiriy into German and Russian are investigated. The shortcomings of the translation this novel into Russian and German are analysed. Some mistakes, made by translators, are revealed

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Qodiriy A. O‘tgan kunlar. –T.: G‘afur G‘ulom nomidagi Adabiyot va san’at nashriyoti, 1980. 2. Kadыri A. Minuvshie dni. – T.: Gosudarstvennoe izdatelstvo xudojestvennoy literaturы, 1958. 3. Kadiri A. Die Liebenden von Taschkent – Berlin:Verlag Kultur und Fortschrit, 1968. 4. Russko-uzbekskiy slovar. – M.: Gosudarstvennoe izdatelstvo natsionalnыx slovarey, 1968. 5. Wahrig. Deutsches Woerterbuch. – Guetersloh: Berlelsmann Lexikon Verlag, 1994.

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