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In this article the reasons for the growth of the population of the Ferghana Valley in the late XIX th and early XX th centuries and the policy of the resettlment of the Russian population byTsarist Russia are investigated on the basis of the materials of the “Turkestanskiy sbornik”.

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1. Jabborov M., R.Arslonzoda, SH.G‘afforov. CHor Rossiyasining aholini Turkistonga ko‘chirish siyosati (Farg‘ona vodiysi misolida) // FDU. Ilmiy xabarlar. -Farg‘ona, 2000. -№ 1-4; Turkestanskiy sbornik. ‒ T. 249. // Statisticheskiy obzor Ferganskoy oblasti za 1913 g. -Skobelev. -1916 . 2. Volnoy pereselencheskogo dela, Turkestanskoy kurer. -1909, № 108. // TS. ‒ T. 508. 3. Statisticheskiy obzor Fer.oblasti za 1913 g. ‒ Skobelev. -1916.

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