Scientific journal of the Fergana State University

About This Journal

About This Journal “FarDU.Ilmiy xabarlari”

The scientific journal “FarDU.Ilmiy xabarlari” has been published 4 issues since 1995, 6 issues since 2017. The journal was included into the list of the scientific journals of Uzbekistan which deals in publication the results of scientific researches.

The journal was registered by the number 12-075 from 12th August 2007 by the Regional Press and information department. ISSN 2010-8419

The journal issues the articles in the following branches:

1.Arts and Humanities: History

2.Physical sciences and Mathematics: Applied mathematics

3.Physal Sciences and Mathematics: Earth sciences

4.Social and Behavioral Sciences: Linguistics

5.Physical sciences and mathematics: Chemistry

Issue: 1/2018

Issue: 2/2018

Issue: 3/2018

Issue: 4/2018

Issue: 5/2018

Issue: 6/2018

Issue: 1/2019

Issue: 2/2019

Issue: 3/2019

Issue: 4/2019

Indexed in The contents is given on the first three pages of the journal in the Uzbek language, the last pages show the contents in Russian nad English languages.