Eurasian Journal of Sport Science

Eurasian Journal of Sport Science


Purpose: Development and theoretical-experimental substantiation of the risk model for the health impairment of athletes in order to further automation of the process of training highly qualified athletes, as well as optimizing the construction of the training process based on the use of innovative technologies that increase its efficiency with optimal expenditure of time and energy of athletes.

Methods: Retrospective analysis of applied automation and modeling methods, questionnaires of athletes and coaches, sports testing, applied pedagogical experiment, methods of mathematical statistics.

Results: Students of physical culture universities (athletes) are more likely to encounter syndromes that characterize a violation of the mental state of an asthenic, hysterical, psychoasthenic, neurotic nature than with somatic syndromes (p

Conclusion: On the basis of the proposed method, a risk model for the health of athletes was developed and theoretically-experimentally substantiated, which allows diagnosing, monitoring health and determining risk groups among students of sports universities and faculties. Experimentally proved that the advantage of the proposed approach is the speed and the ability to examine a significant number of contingents of different ages.

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