Eurasian Journal of Sport Science

Eurasian Journal of Sport Science


Purpose: Consider a mathematical model of correlation and factor analysis of the readiness of promising young gymnasts and the level of its significance in determining the model characteristics of young athletes

Methods: In this work, methods of mathematical statistics were used, in particular, correlation and factor analysis of the results.

Results: The validity of individual tests changes with age, both with the result in the types of gymnastic all-around, and with the volume of mastered and included in the combination of elements of the highest difficulty group. It turned out to be quite difficult to choose which test is more valid and at what age. But there is still a tendency to increase the significance of these links with increasing age, especially in tests related to the strength training of gymnasts.

Conclusion: In the course of the study, it was determined that integral indicators for the types of fitness of gymnasts have the greatest informativeness. Also, the use of factor analysis allows you to purposefully build a training process in gymnastics.

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