Eurasian Journal of Sport Science

Eurasian Journal of Sport Science


Purpose: The purpose of the work is to develop a measuring complex for monitoring of athletes’ speed-strength preparedness.

Methods: The following research methods were used in this work: educational literature analysis, pedagogical testing, pedagogical observation, pedagogical experiment, methods of mathematical statistics.

Results: The necessity of taking into account the nature of the relationship between the level of physical, particular, speed-strength preparedness and dynamometric measuring device indicators. Summing up, we can state the followings: according to the testing and pedagogical observations’ results, a correlation analysis was carried out; a quantitative assessment of the relationship between the level of physical preparedness and the parameters of the speed-strength indicators of the dynamometric device was obtained. A significant correlation was revealed between the level of physical, particular, speed-strength preparedness and indicators of the dynamometric device.

Conclusion: In this article has been presented the development of an instrumental method for monitoring athletes’ speed-strength preparedness. A correlation analysis was made, as well as quantitative assessment of relationship between preparedness of speed-strength level and strength indicators parameters of dynamometric device was obtained in given work. Developed universal instrumental method for monitoring speed-strength preparedness, can help in control of athlete’s state objectification during the training process is. A set of instrumental universal measuring device has been developed that can be applied in different kinds of sport.

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