Eurasian Journal of Sport Science

Eurasian Journal of Sport Science


Aim: To substantiate that the use of compensatory exercises with a selective effect on the declining indicators of motor qualities of inactive muscle groups can increase the level and ensure a positive trend in the indicators of physical fitness of schoolchildren of grades 3-4.

Methods: To achieve this, the following research methods were used:

1) study of special literature, individual diaries of physical education teachers.

2) questionnaire,

3) anthropometric measurements,

4) the method of control exercises,

5) ascertaining experiment.

6) pedagogical experiment,

7) mathematical statistics.

Results: To improve the quality of physical education lessons, it is recommended and implemented: 1. Types and system of compensatory exercises for the preservation and development of physical qualities, non-specific physical activity: a) strength endurance of the muscles of the arms, speed - strength endurance of the abdominal muscles and flexibility in lessons in which the material of athletics, sports and outdoor games is mastered; b) speed-strength qualities and explosive strength of leg muscles, speed and general endurance in mastering the practical material of gymnastics and outdoor games.

Conclusion: The inclusion of compensatory exercises in the structure of lessons, taking into account their educational orientation, then, firstly, it will require a reduction of other types of means, changes in the structure of educational activities; secondly, justification for the choice of types of compensatory exercises in the modified structure of the physical education lesson.

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