Eurasian Journal of Sport Science

Eurasian Journal of Sport Science


Aim: Coordination of supply and demand for physical education specialists in the labor market, analysis of the "National Qualifications System", which is the basic mechanism for ensuring the competitiveness of teachers in the educational services market.

Methods: make both theoretical and practical conclusions based on the results of a systematic analysis of regulatory documents, scientific and methodological literature and expert assessments.

Results: The main criterion for the formation of pedagogical competence among physical culture specialists is the adoption of such legislative acts as “On measures to organize the activities of the national system of professional skills, knowledge and skills in the Republic of Uzbekistan”, "Classifier of the main positions of employees and professions of workers (COMPEPW-2020)", "The concept of qualifications of physical education and sports" and the requirements of the professional standard for the "hard and soft skills" of the future specialist, which are contained in them.

Conclusion: The features of "soft skills" formed by physical education teachers within the framework of professional development programs ensure the systematization of the teacher-student relationship in the future. In this case, a physical education teacher with "soft skills" will have the opportunity to form a team in the minds of students, early development of leadership qualities and improvement of communication skills through any classroom and (or) extracurricular sports activities.

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