Eurasian Journal of Sport Science

Eurasian Journal of Sport Science


Aim: Identification and practical justification of means and methods of physical, technical and tactical training of taekwondo athletes at the initial stage of training.

Methods: To solve the tasks, the following research methods were used: theoretical analysis and generalization of sources and documentary materials of literature, advanced and personal work experience; pedagogical observations; testing, full-scale pedagogical experiment, mathematical and statistical analysis.

Results: The reliability of the research results is confirmed by scientific theories, theoretical justification of the existing rules in sports practice, scientific organization of the study. The set of research methods used corresponds to the goals set in the study, which is explained by the high degree of reliability, properly developed, analyzed and interpreted a large volume of evidentiary materials.

Conclusion: In the process of preliminary training of young taekwondo athletes, when composing a training session, motor games, mainly affecting strength, coordination and dexterity, should be planned in the first and second parts of the training session. Games that affect the level of development of adaptability in the first place, as well as before fatigue, if possible, should be planned at the end of the first part or at the end of the second. This is due to the fact that taekwondo athletes must develop a high level of adaptability in order to effectively perform their techniques.

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