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Aim: It consists in developing a test for a special endurance monitor, having studied the training composition and characteristics of martial artists.

Methods: In the article, we used the following techniques, based on differences in the dynamics of motor activity (DMA), we divided athletes into 3 groups:

"flat", characterized by relative uniformity of motor activity in the process of wrestlers' competition;

"double peak", characterized by a twofold increase in motor activity at competitions more than once in each period;

"triple peak", which describes a three-fold increase in motor activity during competition with one increase in the first period and two increases in the second.

Results: The study of the dynamics of the I-v motor activity of a wrestler (DMA) based on the results of 10 registered competitions showed that in the first periods this wrestler was much more active at 40-60 seconds of the bout and at 60-80 seconds. In these 2 short, 20-second intervals, 20 technical movements were recorded for this wrestler, which is 40% of the total number of technical movements performed by the same athlete at the first stages of the fight (this result corresponds to operation № 1). In the second periods, wrestler I-v was more active in 220-240 s and 240-260 s (29% increase in motor activity), 320-340 s and 340-360 s (31% increase in motor activity). This combination of the sequence of movements of the wrestler I-v corresponds to operation 4 for the second periods. The combination of modes 1-4 corresponds to the algorithm according to the "triple peak" type of a given sequence of actions.

Conclusion: The use of a specially developed test during training allows you to improve the control of the athlete's physical condition. The comparison of individual indicators in the text describing special physical training with model descriptions allows an athlete to effectively structure training processes based on the level of special physical training (SPT) and sports category.

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